Skewers of sausages with vegetables

Skewers of sausages with vegetables


  1. Sausages (your favorites) 6 pieces
  2. Bulgarian pepper 3 pieces (different colors)
  3. Leek 1 piece
  4. Mushrooms (champignons) 10 pieces
  • Main Ingredients Pepper


Skewers, grill


Step 1: chop the ingredients.

Cut the sausage into thick slices. Cut the mushrooms into slices, like vegetables, let all the pieces be about the same size.
Soak skewers in advance in cold water so that they do not burn.
Alternating slices of vegetables and mushrooms with slices of sausage fill skewers. May add spices or herbs to taste.

Step 2: fry sausages kebabs with vegetables.

Cooking such kebabs is very simple, you just need to fry them well from all sides, do not forget to turn over and make sure that the coals do not start to burn (you can sprinkle with salt at the ignition site or pour water). You can fry in the oven, and in a pan with a small amount of oil, but charcoal is still tastier.

Step 3: serve kebabs from sausages with vegetables.

Serve kebabs from sausages with vegetables hot. As a side dish, you can use salad, you can remove the fried pieces from skewers and wrap them in pita bread, adding sauce.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can wrap everything in foil, then the slices of sausage and vegetables will be without dark spots, but I prefer to make them fried.

- I don’t salt vegetables, because my sausages are quite salty, but you are guided by your taste and your feelings. Also serve kebabs with sauce.