Zucchini caviar in 30 minutes in a slow cooker

Zucchini caviar in 30 minutes in a slow cooker


  1. zucchini (peeled) 900 g.
  2. carrot 300 g
  3. vegetable oil 90 ml.
  4. salt 3 g.
  5. sugar 7 g
  6. pepper 1 g
  7. dill greens 20 g
  8. green onion 20 g
  9. parsley 20 g
  10. basil greens 20 g
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 1 serving


slow cooker


Zucchini peeled and sunflower seeds, cut into cubes.

Rub carrots on a coarse grater.

Pour and heat vegetable oil into the multicooker bowl for 20 minutes on the frying program. In a slow cooker we spread zucchini, carrots and chopped greens.

Fry constantly stirring.

Grind the mass in a meat grinder.

Add salt, sugar, mix pepper, set the “stewing” program for 20 minutes, simmer with the lid closed.

Punch mass with a blender. Zucchini caviar is ready! We lay out in jars. For storage, add vinegar at the stage of adding sugar and salt.
Enjoy your meal!)